Universal Black EPDM Seal - 25mmx20mm

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Universal Black EPDM Seal - 25mmx20mm
Universal Black EPDM Seal: Versatile and Durable Sealing Solution
The Universal Black EPDM Seal, with an overall size of approximately 25mm wide by 20mm high, is a versatile and highly durable sealing solution. EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer) is a synthetic rubber known for its excellent weather resistance, making it ideal for a wide range of applications. This seal is designed to provide a reliable barrier against environmental factors such as moisture, dust, and temperature variations, ensuring optimal performance in various settings.
Key Features
Material: Black EPDM rubber
Dimensions: 25mm wide x 20mm high
Maximum Continuous Length: 30 meters
Weather and Ozone Resistant: EPDM material offers superior resistance to ozone, UV rays, and extreme weather conditions.
Versatile Applications: Suitable for use in automotive, marine, air, rail, and other industries.
The Universal Black EPDM Seal is used in numerous applications due to its adaptability and robust performance. Some of the key applications include:
Automotive Industry:
Hood Seal for Triumph Stag: The EPDM seal is an ideal replacement for the hood seal in classic cars like the Triumph Stag, providing a tight, weatherproof barrier.
Door and Window Seals: Ensures a snug fit and prevents the ingress of water, dust, and wind, enhancing the comfort and safety of the vehicle.
Trunk and Bonnet Seals: Maintains a secure seal around trunks and bonnets, protecting the interior components from external elements.
Classic Cars:
Widely used in the restoration and maintenance of classic cars, the EPDM seal helps preserve the vehicle's integrity and aesthetics by providing effective sealing solutions.
Bus and Caravan Industries:
Window and Door Seals: Ensures passenger comfort by preventing drafts and moisture from entering the cabin.
Panel Seals: Used in sealing panels and compartments to provide a weather-resistant barrier.
Air and Rail Industries:
Compartment Seals: EPDM seals are used to create airtight compartments, enhancing safety and comfort.
Door Seals: Provides a secure seal for doors, ensuring smooth operation and weather resistance.
Marine Industry:
Hatch and Port Seals: EPDM seals are ideal for marine applications due to their resistance to saltwater, UV rays, and temperature fluctuations.
Deck Seals: Used to seal various deck fittings and openings, preventing water ingress.
Durability: EPDM seals have a long lifespan due to their resistance to wear and environmental degradation.
Flexibility: Maintains flexibility over a wide temperature range, making it suitable for diverse climatic conditions.
Ease of Installation: Can be easily cut to size and installed in various applications.
Cost-Effective: Provides a reliable and long-lasting sealing solution at a competitive price.
The Universal Black EPDM Seal is a highly effective and versatile sealing solution for a wide range of industries, including automotive, marine, air, rail, and more. Its robust construction, combined with its excellent resistance to weathering and environmental factors, makes it an ideal choice for applications requiring reliable and durable seals. Whether you're restoring a classic car like the Triumph Stag or ensuring the integrity of a bus, caravan, or marine vessel, the EPDM seal offers unparalleled performance and longevity. With a maximum continuous length of 30 meters, it provides ample material to meet the demands of various sealing projects.

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