Trapezoidal Push On Edging Guard 1m Long

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Trapezoidal Push On Edging Guard 1m Long
Trapezoidal shape, semi rigid edging guard with black and yellow stripes to stand out. Slotted section has adhesive strips for extra purchase on fixing points. Length: 1 metre
"Enhanced Safety Trapezoidal Edging Guard: 1-Meter Length with Black and Yellow Stripes

Crafted with a trapezoidal shape for optimal protection and visibility, this semi-rigid edging guard is designed to prioritize safety in various environments. The vibrant black and yellow stripes ensure heightened visibility, alerting individuals to potential hazards effectively.

Featuring a slotted section equipped with adhesive strips, this edging guard offers enhanced stability by providing extra purchase on fixing points. With a length of 1 meter, it offers versatile coverage while maintaining durability and reliability.

Ideal for industrial settings, construction sites, or any area where safety is paramount, this trapezoidal edging guard provides a robust solution for mitigating risks and promoting a secure environment."

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