Flame Retardant Dark Grey Solid Silicone MF775 Rubber Strip

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Flame retardant dark grey solid Silicone MF775 rubber strip, London Underground Compliant.
Our MF775 rubber strip is available in a choice of thicknesses and widths, with a rubber strip roll length of 1 metre. Other sizes are available upon request, please contact us.
Width: choose
Thickness: choose
Length: 1metre
The flame-retardant dark grey solid Silicone MF775 rubber strip is a specialized material designed for applications where fire resistance and durability are crucial. Silicone rubber is known for its excellent resistance to high temperatures, making it suitable for use in environments where conventional rubber would degrade or fail.
Here's a breakdown of some key characteristics and properties of this material:
Flame Retardant: The silicone rubber strip is formulated with additives or compounds that inhibit or delay the spread of flames. This property is vital in applications where there's a risk of fire or exposure to high temperatures.
Dark Grey Color: The dark grey color of the strip may be chosen for aesthetic reasons or to differentiate it from other materials. It could also serve functional purposes such as UV resistance or heat absorption.
Solid Form: This indicates that the rubber strip is not porous or foamed. Solid silicone rubber provides better sealing properties and resistance to fluids compared to foamed or sponge rubber.
MF775 Grade: MF775" likely refers to a specific grade or formulation of silicone rubber developed by a particular manufacturer. Different grades may have variations in properties such as hardness, tensile strength, elongation at break, and temperature resistance.
Applications: Silicone rubber strips like MF775 are used in various industries such as automotive, aerospace, electronics, and construction. They can be employed for sealing, insulation, vibration dampening, gasketing, and protection against environmental factors like moisture, chemicals, and extreme temperatures.
Temperature Resistance: Silicone rubber typically has a wide operating temperature range, remaining flexible and maintaining its properties even at high temperatures. This property makes it suitable for both hot and cold environments.
Durability: Silicone rubber is known for its durability and resistance to aging, weathering, and degradation from exposure to UV radiation and ozone.
Customization: Rubber strips can be manufactured in various dimensions, thicknesses, and shapes to suit specific application requirements.

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