EPDM Black Two-section Tailboard Rubber Buffers - 38mmx22mm

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EPDM Black Two-section Tailboard Rubber Buffers - 38mmx22mm
Black EPDM Two-Section Flexible Tailboard Rubber Buffers
In a variety of industries, from healthcare to automotive, the demand for durable and versatile protective components is ever-present. One such component that stands out in terms of functionality and design is the Black EPDM two-section flexible tailboard rubber buffer. This product is specifically engineered to provide robust protection and shock absorption, making it ideal for applications such as hospital trolleys, classic cars, buses, caravans, and aircraft.
Key Specifications
Material: EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer)
Dimensions: 304mm long x 38mm wide x 22mm deep
Design Features:
Two-section structure
Four countersunk screwholes for secure mounting
Flexibility: Can bend around 90 degrees
Weight: 0.298 kg
Max Continuous Length: 50 metres
Price: Per metre
Design and Construction
The black EPDM rubber buffer is designed with a two-section profile, enhancing its ability to absorb shocks and impacts. This feature is particularly beneficial in high-traffic areas or in applications where the buffer may be subject to frequent contact and pressure. The four countersunk screwholes ensure that the buffer can be firmly and securely attached to various surfaces, providing reliable protection over time.

The dimensions of 304mm in length, 38mm in width, and 22mm in depth make this buffer suitable for a range of applications. Its compact size allows for easy installation without compromising on protective capabilities. Additionally, the flexibility to bend around 90 degrees ensures that the buffer can conform to different shapes and surfaces, offering versatile protective solutions.
Hospital Trolleys
In hospital environments, trolleys are frequently moved and often come into contact with walls, doors, and other equipment. The black EPDM rubber buffer helps prevent damage to both the trolleys and the structures they might bump into. Its durable material ensures long-lasting protection even with constant use.
Classic Cars
For classic car enthusiasts, maintaining the aesthetic and integrity of their vehicles is paramount. The flexible rubber buffer can be used as a protective bumper, helping to safeguard against minor impacts and preserving the vehicle's appearance. Its ability to bend around 90 degrees makes it suitable for the curved contours often found on classic cars.
Buses and Caravans
Public transportation vehicles and caravans benefit from additional protective measures due to their frequent use and potential for collisions in crowded areas. The EPDM rubber buffer provides a robust solution that can withstand the rigors of daily use, offering both protection and longevity.
In aviation, where precision and safety are critical, using high-quality materials for protective applications is essential. The flexible tailboard rubber buffer can be employed to protect various parts of an aircraft, ensuring both safety and durability under demanding conditions.
Advantages of EPDM
EPDM rubber is known for its excellent resistance to weathering, ozone, and UV exposure, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. Its ability to maintain flexibility across a wide temperature range further enhances its appeal for diverse applications. Additionally, EPDM's chemical resistance ensures that it remains effective even when exposed to various substances, making it a reliable choice for protective buffers.
The Black EPDM two-section flexible tailboard rubber buffer is a versatile and durable solution for a wide range of protective applications. Whether used on hospital trolleys, classic cars, buses, caravans, or aircraft, its robust construction and flexible design ensure reliable performance and long-lasting protection. With a maximum continuous length of 50 metres and a per-metre pricing model, it offers both flexibility and affordability for various industries.

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