Black PVC Over Rider Section Triangular With 2mm Channel

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Black PVC Over Rider Section Triangular With 2mm Channel
Understanding the Black PVC Over Rider Section: Triangular with Channel
The Black PVC Over Rider Section is a specialized component designed for various industrial and commercial applications. Characterized by its unique triangular shape and integrated channel, this section offers a blend of durability, flexibility, and precision that makes it ideal for a wide range of uses.
Key Features and Specifications
Material and Durability:
Material: The over rider section is made from high-quality black PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride), known for its robustness and resistance to environmental wear and tear.
Durability: PVC is inherently resistant to moisture, chemicals, and physical abrasion, ensuring that the section remains functional over prolonged periods, even in challenging conditions.
Design and Dimensions:
Triangular Shape: The section is designed in a triangular profile, which provides structural integrity and makes it suitable for applications requiring a stable and consistent form factor.
Integrated Channel: It features an integrated channel with a width of approximately 2mm. This channel can serve various purposes, including housing wires or other small components, providing a guided path for elements, or serving as a track for movement.
Overall Size: The over rider section measures approximately 10.5mm in height and 5.5mm in width. These dimensions strike a balance between providing sufficient structural strength and maintaining a compact form that can be easily incorporated into different settings.
Continuous Length:
The section is available in a maximum continuous length of up to 100 meters. This extensive length ensures that the product can be used for large-scale projects without the need for frequent joins, which can enhance both the aesthetic and functional aspects of the installation.
The Black PVC Over Rider Section with its triangular design and channel is highly versatile and can be used in various applications, including:
Electrical and Wiring Solutions: The 2mm channel can be utilized to protect and guide electrical wires and cables, ensuring a neat and organized setup.
Edge Protection: The robust triangular section can serve as an edge protector for surfaces, preventing damage from impacts and wear.
Sealing and Insulation: In environments where sealing is required, the PVC material provides excellent insulation against moisture and dust.
Construction and Engineering: This section can be integrated into construction projects for structural purposes or as part of custom-built assemblies.
Advantages of Using PVC Over Rider Sections
Cost-Effectiveness: PVC is a cost-effective material compared to metals and other polymers, providing a budget-friendly solution without compromising on quality.
Ease of Installation: The flexible nature of PVC allows for easy cutting and fitting, reducing installation time and effort.
Maintenance-Free: PVC does not corrode or degrade easily, meaning minimal maintenance is required once the section is installed.
Versatility: The combination of its shape, channel, and material properties makes it suitable for a diverse range of applications, making it a valuable component in many industries.
The Black PVC Over Rider Section - Triangular with Channel is a highly functional and versatile product designed to meet the needs of various industrial and commercial applications. With its robust construction, precise dimensions, and ease of use, it offers a reliable solution for projects requiring durability and flexibility. Whether used for electrical wiring, edge protection, or construction purposes, this PVC section stands out as a dependable choice for professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike.

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