Black EPDM T-Section With Flat Base And Wiper Piece – 20mmx10mm

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Black EPDM T-Section With Flat Base And Wiper Piece – 20mmx10mm
Black EPDM T-Section with Flat Base and Wiper Piece: A Versatile Sealing Solution
The Black EPDM T-section with a flat base and wiper piece is a highly versatile and durable sealing solution, ideal for a variety of applications. With a base width of approximately 8mm and an overall size of approximately 20mm x 10mm, this EPDM profile is specifically designed to provide superior sealing performance. Its applications range from classic car restoration to modern transportation and building projects, highlighting its adaptability and reliability.
Material Characteristics
EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer) is renowned for its exceptional resistance to weathering, ozone, UV rays, and temperature variations. This makes it an excellent material choice for outdoor and automotive applications where durability and longevity are paramount. EPDM maintains its flexibility and resilience over time, ensuring a reliable seal under varying environmental conditions.
esign Features
T-Section Profile: The T-section design provides a robust and secure fit, making it suitable for sealing gaps and edges in various structures.
Flat Base: The flat base ensures easy installation and a stable foundation, enhancing the overall effectiveness of the seal.
Wiper Piece: The integrated wiper piece offers an additional sealing surface, improving the profile's ability to keep out dust, water, and other contaminants.
Key Specifications
Base Width: Approximately 8mm
Overall Size: Approximately 20mm x 10mm
Maximum Continuous Length: 30 metres
Classic Car Restoration:
One of the notable applications of this EPDM T-section is as a windscreen seal for the Rolls Royce Phantom 3. Classic cars require precise and reliable seals to maintain their integrity and appearance, and this EPDM profile delivers just that.
In addition to windscreen seals, it is used in door and window sealing applications, ensuring a snug fit that prevents leaks and drafts.
Modern Transportation:
This EPDM profile is widely used in buses and caravans for door and window seals. The flexibility and durability of EPDM make it an ideal choice for vehicles exposed to the elements.
Its ability to withstand temperature extremes and UV exposure ensures a long-lasting seal, crucial for the comfort and safety of passengers.
Building and Construction:
The black EPDM T-section is also utilized in architectural applications, including window and door sealing. Its weather-resistant properties help maintain building integrity by preventing water ingress and improving energy efficiency.
In air conditioning and HVAC systems, the EPDM seal provides effective sealing against air leaks, enhancing system performance and reducing energy consumption.
Durability: EPDM's resistance to environmental factors ensures a long lifespan.
Versatility: Suitable for a wide range of applications, from automotive to construction.
Easy Installation: The flat base design simplifies the installation process.
Cost-Effective: Long-term reliability reduces the need for frequent replacements, offering cost savings over time.
The Black EPDM T-section with a flat base and wiper piece is an essential component in various sealing applications. Whether restoring a classic Rolls Royce Phantom 3, enhancing the sealing of modern buses and caravans, or improving the efficiency of building projects, this EPDM profile delivers unmatched performance and durability. Its versatile design and material properties make it a valuable solution for ensuring tight, reliable seals in any application. With a maximum continuous length of 30 metres, it accommodates extensive projects with ease, providing a seamless and efficient sealing solution.


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