Black EPDM T-Section With Angled and Slotted Base - 25mmx9mm

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Black EPDM T-Section With Angled and Slotted Base - 25mmx9mm
Black EPDM T-Section with Angled and Slotted Base: A Versatile Sealing Solution
In the world of sealing solutions, the Black EPDM T-Section with an angled and slotted base stands out as a highly versatile and durable option. Designed for various applications, particularly in classic cars, buses, caravans, air, rail, and marine industries, this sealing strip is engineered to provide exceptional performance. With an overall size of approximately 25mm x 9mm and a slot thickness of around 2mm, it meets a wide range of sealing requirements, ensuring protection and longevity.
Material and Design
Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer (EPDM) is renowned for its superior resistance to weathering, ozone, UV radiation, and a wide range of temperatures. This makes it an ideal material for outdoor and automotive applications. The black EPDM used in this T-section ensures it can withstand harsh environmental conditions, maintaining its integrity and functionality over time.
The T-section design features an angled and slotted base, providing enhanced flexibility and ease of installation. The slot, with a thickness of approximately 2mm, allows for a snug fit, ensuring a tight seal that prevents air, water, and dust ingress. This is crucial for maintaining the performance and comfort of vehicles and structures.
The Black EPDM T-section with an angled and slotted base is widely used in various industries due to its adaptability and effectiveness:
Classic Cars: In the restoration and maintenance of classic cars, maintaining the originality and performance of seals is essential. This T-section is perfect for door and window seals, providing an authentic look while ensuring modern standards of protection.
Buses and Caravans: For larger vehicles like buses and caravans, reliable sealing solutions are vital for passenger comfort and vehicle longevity. This EPDM T-section ensures that doors and windows are securely sealed, reducing noise and preventing water leaks.
Aerospace: In aircraft, the need for lightweight, durable, and reliable seals is paramount. The EPDM T-section meets these requirements, ensuring safety and performance in demanding conditions.
Rail: Rail vehicles face constant exposure to the elements and require robust sealing solutions. This T-section provides effective sealing for doors and windows, contributing to the overall durability and comfort of railcars.
Marine: Boats and ships need seals that can withstand saltwater, UV exposure, and varying temperatures. The EPDM T-section is ideal for these harsh marine environments, ensuring watertight seals for hatches, doors, and windows.
Durability: EPDM’s resistance to aging, weathering, and environmental factors ensures a long lifespan.
Flexibility: The angled and slotted base design allows for easy installation and adaptability to different surfaces and angles.
Effective Sealing: The precise slot thickness provides a tight seal, preventing ingress of unwanted elements.
Versatility: Suitable for a wide range of applications across multiple industries.
Overall Size: Approx. 25mm x 9mm
Slot Thickness: Approx. 2mm
Max Continuous Length: 30 Metres
The availability of up to 30 meters in continuous length allows for seamless installation in various applications, reducing the need for joints and potential weak points in the sealing.
The Black EPDM T-section with an angled and slotted base is a reliable and versatile sealing solution that meets the stringent demands of various industries. Its robust design and superior material properties make it an ideal choice for applications requiring long-lasting and effective sealing. Whether for classic cars, buses, caravans, aerospace, rail, or marine use, this EPDM T-section ensures optimal performance and protection.

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