Black EPDM Channel Section With Extending Side Tail - 1.6mm Channel

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Black EPDM Channel Section With Extending Side Tail - 1.6mm Channel
The Versatile Black EPDM Channel Section with Extending Side Tail: An Essential Component for Sealing Applications
In the world of sealing solutions, especially for classic cars, buses, caravans, and even aircraft, the Black EPDM channel section with an extending side tail stands out as a highly versatile and reliable option. This article explores the key features and applications of this essential sealing component, highlighting its dimensions, material properties, and specific uses.
Key Features and Specifications
The Black EPDM channel section with an extending side tail is designed to meet various sealing needs with precision. Here are the crucial specifications:
Channel Width: Approximately 1.6mm
Overall Outer Size (Channel): Approximately 6mm wide x 13mm high
Tail Length: Approximately 15mm
Material: Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer (EPDM) rubber
Maximum Continuous Length: 30 meters
Material Properties: EPDM
EPDM rubber is chosen for its excellent properties, making it ideal for sealing applications. Here are some of the key benefits of EPDM:
Weather Resistance: EPDM is highly resistant to weathering, ozone, and UV radiation, ensuring longevity in outdoor applications.
Temperature Stability: It can withstand a wide temperature range, from -40°C to 120°C, maintaining its flexibility and integrity.
Chemical Resistance: EPDM is resistant to a variety of chemicals, including acids, alkalis, and certain solvents.
Elasticity and Durability: This rubber provides excellent elasticity and durability, essential for creating effective seals that can endure constant movement and pressure.
Classic Cars
Classic car restoration enthusiasts often use EPDM channel sections for sealing doors and windows. The precise fit and flexibility of EPDM help in maintaining the vintage look while ensuring modern standards of sealing against weather and dust.
In buses, these channel sections are crucial for window seals, ensuring passenger comfort by preventing water ingress and reducing noise. The extending side tail provides an extra layer of sealing, enhancing the overall efficiency.
For caravans, the EPDM channel sections are used extensively around doors and windows to maintain a comfortable and dry interior environment, regardless of the weather conditions outside.
In the aviation industry, maintaining cabin pressure and preventing environmental elements from entering the aircraft are critical. EPDM’s high-performance sealing capabilities make it a preferred choice for sealing applications in aircraft, ensuring safety and comfort for passengers.
Installation and Usage
The Black EPDM channel section with an extending side tail is easy to install, thanks to its flexible nature. It can be cut to the desired length and fitted into place using standard adhesive methods or mechanical fasteners, depending on the specific application requirements. Its ability to be supplied in continuous lengths of up to 30 meters makes it ideal for large projects without the need for multiple joins, which can compromise sealing effectiveness.
The Black EPDM channel section with an extending side tail is an indispensable component in various sealing applications. Its superior material properties, combined with its precise dimensions and ease of installation, make it a go-to solution for classic cars, buses, caravans, and aircraft. Whether restoring a vintage vehicle or ensuring the safety and comfort of modern transportation, this EPDM channel section provides the reliability and performance needed to get the job done right.

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