Black EPDM Aston Martin DB4/DB5 Quarterlight Section - 25mm x 19mm

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Black EPDM Aston Martin DB4/DB5 Quarterlight Section - 25mm x 19mm
Black EPDM Aston Martin DB4/DB5 Quarterlight Section: A Detailed Overview
The Aston Martin DB4 and DB5 are iconic vehicles that epitomize the elegance and performance of classic British automotive engineering. Maintaining these classics requires precise and high-quality parts to ensure both authenticity and functionality. One such crucial component is the quarterlight section. For enthusiasts and restorers, the Black EPDM Aston Martin DB4/DB5 quarterlight section offers an optimal solution, combining durability with period-correct design.
The Black EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer) quarterlight section for the Aston Martin DB4 and DB5 has the following specifications:
Overall Size: Approximately 25mm wide x 19mm high
Max Continuous Length: 30 meters
Material: EPDM
EPDM is a synthetic rubber known for its excellent resistance to environmental factors such as UV radiation, ozone, and extreme weather conditions. This makes it an ideal material for automotive applications, particularly for parts exposed to the elements, such as the quarterlight sections on classic cars.
Benefits of EPDM:
Durability: EPDM rubber can withstand high and low temperatures, maintaining flexibility and integrity over time.
Weather Resistance: Its resistance to moisture, sunlight, and ozone helps prevent cracking and degradation, ensuring a longer lifespan.
Versatility: EPDM can be easily molded and extruded, making it suitable for the precise dimensions required for classic car parts.
Importance of the Quarterlight Section
The quarterlight, or vent window, is a small window typically found on the front doors of older vehicles, including the Aston Martin DB4 and DB5. It serves several purposes:
Ventilation: Provides additional airflow into the cabin without fully opening the main window.
Visibility: Enhances driver visibility by reducing blind spots.
Aesthetic Value: Maintains the classic look and feel of the vehicle, an important factor for restorers and collectors.
Installation and Fit
The Black EPDM quarterlight section is designed to fit seamlessly into the original frame of the Aston Martin DB4 and DB5. Its dimensions of 25mm in width and 19mm in height ensure a snug fit, maintaining the vehicle’s integrity and appearance. With a maximum continuous length of 30 meters, it provides ample material for multiple installations or replacements.
Preservation of Authenticity
Using the correct quarterlight section is vital for preserving the authenticity and value of the Aston Martin DB4 and DB5. The Black EPDM material, while modern, mimics the appearance and function of the original rubber, providing a period-correct look while enhancing durability and performance.
For owners and restorers of Aston Martin DB4 and DB5 models, the Black EPDM quarterlight section is an essential component. Its combination of durability, resistance to weathering, and precise fit makes it the ideal choice for maintaining the classic appearance and functionality of these iconic vehicles. Whether you're restoring a classic Aston Martin to its former glory or maintaining its pristine condition, the Black EPDM quarterlight section ensures your vehicle remains both beautiful and functional for years to come.

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