25mm Grey Filler Coil PVC Insert For Double Glazed Opening Window Rubbers

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25mm Grey Filler Coil PVC Insert For Double Glazed Opening Window Rubbers
25mm Wide Grey Filler Coil: The Perfect Grey PVC Insert for Double Glazed Opening Window Rubbers
When it comes to double-glazed window systems, the importance of high-quality components cannot be overstated. One such critical component is the 25mm wide grey filler coil, designed as a PVC insert for double glazed opening window rubbers. This versatile product is suitable for panel sizes ranging from 27mm to 35mm, offering a seamless and effective solution for ensuring optimal performance and durability of window systems.
Key Features and Specifications
Width: 25mm
Material: High-quality grey PVC
Compatibility: Fits panel sizes from 27mm to 35mm
Maximum Continuous Length: 20 meters
Benefits of Using Grey PVC Filler Coil
Enhanced Durability: PVC, known for its robust and long-lasting properties, ensures that the filler coil can withstand various weather conditions and continuous use without deteriorating.
Seamless Integration: Designed specifically for double-glazed window systems, this grey filler coil fits perfectly with window rubbers, ensuring a tight and secure seal. This integration helps in maintaining the efficiency of the glazing, reducing thermal loss, and enhancing energy efficiency.
Aesthetic Appeal: The grey color of the filler coil blends seamlessly with most window frames, providing a neat and professional appearance. It enhances the overall look of the window system without standing out or looking out of place.
Versatility: With the ability to accommodate panel sizes from 27mm to 35mm, this filler coil is highly versatile, making it suitable for a wide range of double-glazed window applications.
Ease of Installation: The product's design allows for easy and quick installation. Whether you are a professional installer or a DIY enthusiast, you will find the process straightforward, saving time and effort.
The 25mm wide grey filler coil is ideal for various applications, including:
Residential double-glazed windows
Commercial building window systems
Renovation projects requiring replacement or enhancement of existing window rubbers
New construction projects aiming for high energy efficiency standards
Technical Considerations
When selecting a filler coil for double-glazed windows, it is essential to consider the compatibility with your specific window system. The 25mm width of this grey filler coil makes it suitable for panel sizes ranging from 27mm to 35mm, ensuring a secure fit and optimal performance. Additionally, the maximum continuous length of 20 meters allows for extensive coverage, minimizing the need for joints and ensuring a consistent seal.
Installation Tips
Measure Accurately: Ensure you measure the panel size accurately to select the appropriate section of the coil.
Clean the Surface: Before installation, clean the window rubber and the surrounding area to ensure there is no dust or debris that could affect the seal.
Cut to Length: Use a sharp utility knife or scissors to cut the filler coil to the desired length, ensuring a clean cut for a neat finish.
Fit Securely: Carefully insert the filler coil into the window rubber, making sure it fits snugly without any gaps.
The 25mm wide grey filler coil made from high-quality PVC is an essential component for double-glazed window systems. Its durability, ease of installation, and compatibility with a range of panel sizes make it a top choice for both professionals and DIY enthusiasts. Whether you are enhancing existing windows or installing new ones, this filler coil ensures a perfect seal, improved energy efficiency, and a professional finish. With a maximum continuous length of 20 meters, it provides ample material for most projects, ensuring you have the flexibility and convenience you need.

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