Rubber Strip Fixing Kit

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Neoprene rubber strip fixing kit including 5m length of neoprene rubber strip, 250ml tin adhesive, preparation sanding block and adhesive spreader. Choose your desired rubber strip width and thickness.

Neoprene Rubber Strip (5 meters): This is the main component, the neoprene rubber strip itself. Neoprene is a synthetic rubber known for its durability, flexibility, and resistance to weathering, oils, and chemicals. The 5-meter length should provide you with enough material for various applications.
Adhesive (250ml tin): The adhesive included in the kit is essential for bonding the neoprene rubber strip to the surface you're working on. It's typically a strong, weather-resistant adhesive designed specifically for neoprene or rubber materials.
Preparation Sanding Block: Before applying the adhesive, it's crucial to prepare the surface properly. The sanding block helps in roughening up the surface, providing better adhesion for the neoprene rubber strip.
Adhesive Spreader: This tool is used to evenly spread the adhesive onto the surface and the neoprene rubber strip. It ensures a consistent layer of adhesive, which is essential for a strong and secure bond.
With these components included in the kit, you should have everything you need to effectively fix or install a neoprene rubber strip for various applications, such as sealing gaps, insulation, or other uses where the properties of neoprene are beneficial.


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