Medium D-Section Black Dock Bumper 900mm

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Medium D-Section Black Dock Bumper 900mm
The D Section Dock Bumper is a type of protective device typically used in loading docks or areas where vehicles are frequently maneuvering. Here's a general description:

Design: The D-section design refers to its shape, resembling the letter "D" when viewed in cross-section. This shape is commonly used in dock bumpers because it provides effective impact absorption and disperses force.

Size: The specification "900mm (Medium)" indicates the length of the bumper, which is 900 millimeters. This length is considered medium-sized and may vary depending on the specific manufacturer or supplier.

Purpose: Dock bumpers serve to protect both the dock structure and vehicles (such as trucks or forklifts) from damage during loading and unloading operations. They absorb impact and prevent direct contact between the vehicle and the dock, reducing the risk of structural damage or injuries.

Material: Dock bumpers are typically made from durable materials such as rubber, plastic, or a combination of both. These materials provide elasticity and resilience to absorb impacts effectively.

Installation: The D Section Dock Bumper is usually mounted onto the dock surface or edge using bolts or other fasteners. Installation may vary depending on the specific design and the requirements of the dock.

Overall, the D Section Dock Bumper is a vital safety component in loading dock environments, offering protection against accidental collisions and minimizing maintenance costs associated with structural damage.

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