Black Closed-Cell Extruded Sponge Strip - 12.5mm x 19mm

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Black Closed-Cell Extruded Sponge Strip - 12.5mm x 19mm
Introducing the Black Closed-Cell Extruded Sponge Strip: 12.5mm x 19mm
The black closed-cell extruded sponge strip, measuring 12.5mm in thickness and 19mm in width, is a versatile and essential component for various industrial and commercial applications. Known for its durability, flexibility, and superior sealing properties, this extruded sponge strip is designed to meet the demands of a wide range of environments and conditions. With a maximum continuous length of 50 meters, it provides an efficient and cost-effective solution for long runs without the need for frequent joints or connections.
Features and Benefits
Closed-Cell Structure:
Non-Intercellular Design: The closed-cell nature of this sponge strip ensures that it is non-intercellular, meaning that the cells are not interconnected. This structure provides excellent resistance to water, air, and other environmental factors.
Enhanced Durability: The closed-cell design also contributes to the strip's robustness, making it resistant to compression and deformation over time.
Material Quality:
High-Quality Black Sponge:
Manufactured from premium-grade materials, the black sponge strip offers superior resilience and longevity.
UV and Ozone Resistance: This material is resistant to UV radiation and ozone, making it ideal for outdoor applications where exposure to harsh environmental conditions is a concern.
Dimensions and Flexibility:
Standard Size: The strip’s dimensions of 12.5mm x 19mm make it suitable for a variety of sealing, cushioning, and insulation applications.
Long Continuous Length: With a maximum continuous length of 50 meters, it reduces the need for joints and ensures seamless installation in lengthy applications.
Versatility in Application:
Perfect for sealing gaps and preventing the ingress of air, water, dust, and noise in automotive, construction, and HVAC systems.
Cushioning: Offers excellent cushioning properties, making it ideal for packaging, transportation, and protective padding.
Insulation: Acts as an effective thermal and acoustic insulator, enhancing energy efficiency and comfort in buildings and vehicles.
Automotive Industry:
Used for door seals, window gaskets, and trunk seals to prevent leaks and reduce noise.
Acts as a vibration dampener in various components to improve ride quality and comfort.
Essential for sealing joints and gaps in buildings to enhance thermal insulation and prevent drafts.
Utilized in window and door frames to provide an airtight seal, contributing to energy efficiency.
HVAC Systems:
Integral in ductwork sealing to prevent air leaks and maintain system efficiency.
Used in insulation applications to reduce heat loss and improve overall system performance.
Marine and Aerospace:
Provides sealing and cushioning in harsh marine environments, resistant to saltwater and UV exposure.
Utilized in aerospace applications for its lightweight, durable, and insulating properties.
Installation and Handling
The extruded sponge strip is designed for ease of installation. It can be cut to the desired length using standard tools and is easily compressible to fit into various gaps and profiles. Its adhesive backing option allows for straightforward application, ensuring a secure fit without the need for additional fastening mechanisms.
The black closed-cell extruded sponge strip, with its dimensions of 12.5mm x 19mm and a maximum continuous length of 50 meters, stands out as a reliable and efficient solution for sealing, cushioning, and insulating needs. Its robust construction, resistance to environmental factors, and versatility make it an indispensable component across multiple industries. Whether for automotive, construction, HVAC, or specialized applications, this sponge strip delivers exceptional performance and longevity.

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